How to supply artwork for digital carpet printing

File  formats

Please save your artwork files only as vector files in Pdf or AI and as pixelated files in Tiff or PSB (large document format).

We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We can edit files made by these programs.

Fonts must be converted into curves or embedded in the document. Linked images must of course be enclosed as well.

Please do not include cutting lines but deliver a print-ready file.

After receiving the print preview, adaptations to your order can increase the set-up cost.


We print on a roll width of 200 cm (± 2cm) and we always print on this maximum printed width.

Artworks or images should always be provided in one piece, not several segments that needs to be combined into one.

Larger artworks are divided into several parts of 200cm and will be fit together if necessary.


Create your files in original size (100%) with a minimum resolution of 100 dpi. A resolution higher than 100 dpi is also good.

Large files can be delivered at 10% of the final size. To limit the loss of quality, we want a vector file.

Always lay out your graphics with the right size and resolution. The scaling of the resolution can result in poor print quality.

The higher the resolution, the larger the file size. To reduce the file size, we recommend that you cut your images down to the size you would like to use.


Prepare your files using RGB as the colour mode, not CMYK. Use the Adobe RGB (1998) colour profile.

Pure black should be R 0 - G 0 - B 0 (not CMYK 100% black).

Colour differences may occur. Please take account of the difference between the colours on screen and the colours of the printed result

We can make better colour adjustments with vector files.

We cannot make any colour adjustments on photos.

Pantone colours

Our colour spectrum is more restricted than those of the RGB colour spectrum.

Pantone colours (PMS) are compared with printed colour books on carpet to the closest approach to obtain, but variations in colour may occur.

For the colour comparisons we use the Pantone Coated colour book. PMS colours from the Pantone Uncoated colour book is difficult to reach.

If you use Pantone colours in your design, indicate this on your order, to avoid colour differences.

Transparency and layers

Please do not use transparencies in your artwork. Otherwise colour differences may occur.

Please flatten all layers in your artwork. Otherwise colour differences may occur.

Lines and fonts

Lines should be at least 2mm on C400 and C600 qualities. On C1000 and C1200, the lines should be minimum 3mm thick. Smaller lines will be not or hardly visible.

The minimal height of an individual character is 1cm (on C400 and C600 qualities) and 1,5cm (on C1000 and C1200 qualities).

Fonts must be converted into curves or embedded in the document in order to avoid problems with the text.

File delivery

We prefer to receive files through e-mail, Dropbox, or via our FTP-server (for which you can request access).

We limit the file size up to 1.5 GB in order to make the processing easier.

Please send the design with your order form to



Technical specifications




Declaration of performance (DoP)