S-Print invests in carpet printing

(WA Media)

The Belgian company S-Print from Oudenaarde has invested three and a half million in a new printing system for carpet printing and is able from now on to realize high-resolution images (with 400 dpi) and the finest colour transitions on carpets.

For industrial customers, organizers or designers, it creates new possibilities for printing personalized designs on carpets with a minimum volume of two square meters. With this new print system we enter the digital printing world. Before the colours were created in the colour kitchen. Today we can process RGB or CMYK data with a few clicks. Designers can therefore easily make their digital designs and print them on various carpet qualities.", says Geert De Clercq, director of S-Print.

„We print your carpet“

“We print your carpet" is the motto of S-Print managing director Geert de Clercq (l) and Peter Sapper, managing director of PhotoFabrics.


S-Print had to look for a new space: the new printer is 56m long.

A new building had to be bought to place the new print system of 56m long, built by Zimmer Austria, because the old site in Deinze was not was not big enough. This new establishment has been in use since January 2017. "Some customers from Germany are waiting for their orders until we can print with high resolution of 400 dpi. Now we are ready and the print results are fantastic." says Peter Sapper, who is involved with his company Photofabrics, from Ludwigsburg, at S-print and is responsible for sales in Germany. Together with S-Print, Photo fabrics and other partners are launching the new brand "Pxl carpets" in Europe. Under the motto "We print your carpet", it is possible that the customers can print their pixels on carpets.